Wednesday, March 14, 2018

social media at Guardian's Best Animal Rescue Foundation

 Guardian's Best Animal Rescue Foundation

Over the winter, I've joined Guardian's Best Animal Rescue Foundation to manage its social media and create content. Based in Toronto and Montreal, this decade-old non-profit raises funds to benefit animal rescues across Ontario and Quebec.

Rescues do just that: they save homeless dogs, cats and other creatures, nurture them back to health, then find them homes with loving owners. The people who operate these rescues don't do this out of profit, but for the love of animals.

For example, Susan Mackasey has rescued nearly 1,000 cats in and around Montreal through her PetitsPawz. To read more about her work, simply click the page above or click here.

Peruse the Guardian's site to learn how to adopt a pet from an animal rescue, find a rescue near you in Ontario or Quebec, read about pet owners who have adopted such animals, and learn about folks who rescue animals.

You can also follow Guardian's on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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