I WANT TO BE A DESI 2 (documentary)

~ 2009 ~ documentary ~ 6 min. ~ miniDV ~  

>See the film (Canadian computers only) until April 26, 2010 at the NSI Online Film Festival<

DESI: Used colloquially to mean South Asian immigrants and
their descendants, carrying a subtext of inclusiveness and

This hard-hitting six-minute documentary asks the perennial questions: "What does a non-Desi have to do to become a Desi?" and "What does the word DESI mean to you?" For anyone who's ever danced Bhangra in his kurta while watching a Bollywood epic and devouring hot, spicy curry this film is for you! (This is the pre-sequel to I Want To Be A Desi.)

Festival screenings & awards (as of March 2010):
Best Documentary @ 2010 University of Toronto Film Festival

visit the I Want To Be A Desi 2 site

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