THE FLYING STARS (documentary)

Directed by Allan Tong & Ngardy Conteh George / Written by Allan Tong
Produced by Katarina Soukup, Ngardy Conteh George & Allan Tong

Mattru Media Productions ~ 52 & 65 minutes ~ 2014

 Team captain Bornor Kargbo (above) and midfielder Census Jalloh are amputees who play organized soccer in Sierra Leone to cope with the horrors of war they suffered a decade ago. As they dream of competing internationally, they wrestle with nightmares that haunt their daily lives and threaten the very families they are trying to feed. Can Bornor and Census overcome their postwar trauma and score a victory for their children off the soccer pitch? 

Telefilm Pitch This! (as Leone Stars) at 2011 Toronto International Film Festival
Sundance Documentary Fellowships for directors Tong & Conteh George
World premiere at the 2014 RIDM (Montreal International Documentary Festival)
Best Documentary at 2015 BronzeLens Film Festival of Atlanta
Currently broadcast in Canada on CBC's Documentary Channel and streaming on kweli TV in the United States

Further information & photos: The Flying Stars official site

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